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08:50~09:00 Welcome Address 박연희(조직위원장)
Basic Science and Translational Research 좌장: 손주혁(연세암병원)
09:00~09:25 Updates of basic science and insights into tumor biology  김민환(연세암병원) 
09:25~09:50 Genomic landscape of breast cancer through proteomics and ctDNA  김지연(삼성서울병원)
09:50~10:15 Genomic heterogeneity and clonal evolution learnt from paired biopsies 문용화(차의대 분당차병원)
10:15~10:20 Q & A  
Insights in breast cancer management  좌장: 이근석(국립암센터)
10:20~10:45 Advances in immunotherapy 이지은(서울성모병원)
10:45~11:10 Overcoming endocrine resistance in the era of CDK4/6 inhibitors  안희경(가천대길병원)
11:10~11:15 Q & A  
11:15~11:25 Coffee break  
Multidisciplinary approach in Breast Cancer  좌장: 임철완(순천향대학교부속부천병원)
11:25~11:45 How do patients feel about omitting surgery?  이한별 (서울대학교병원)
11:45~12:05 Highlight of radiotherapy and interplay with immunotherapy  김규보 (이대목동병원)
12:05~12:25 Updates in genomic and pathologic biomarkers  유한석 (서울대학교병원)
12:25~12:30 Q & A  
Luncheon Symposium 좌장 : 박연희(삼성서울병원)
12:30~13:00 OS benefits in HR+ mBC what does it mean for patients?  임석아(서울대학교병원)
13:00~13:25 Coffee break  
Advances in systemic management of early breast cancer 좌장: 정경해(서울아산병원)
13:25~13:50 Adjuvant/Neoadjuvant Endocrine therapy 양예원(충북대학교병원)
13:50~14:15 Adjuvant/Neoadjuvant Target therapy and chemotherapy  심성훈(국립암센터)
14:15~14:20 Q & A  
14:20~14:30 Coffee break  
Advances in systemic management of metastatic breast cancer 좌장: 김성배(서울아산병원)
14:30~14:55 Updates in HR+ breast cancer  이수정(칠곡경북대학교병원)
14:55~15:20 Updates in HER2+ breast cancer 박경화(고려대학교안암병원)
15:20~15:45 Updates in chemotherapy and novel targeted therapies  이경은(이대목동병원)
15:45~15:50 Q & A  
15:50~ Closing Remarks 박연희(조직위원장)
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