Official Best of SABCS® News Videos (with original slides)
» 작성자 : 학회관리자 » 작성일 : 2018-12-10 » 조회 : 279
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Official Best of SABCS® News Videos (with original slides)



In the interest of promoting the latest research presented at the SABCS conference, the SABCS would like to share the link to the Official Best of SABCS® News videos (with original slides). 


The video summaries are presented by the SABCS® Scientific Directors and Committee Members. These are free news video summaries covering the General Sessions held each day.


This is the ONLY Official News from the meeting.


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번호 분류 제목 작성자 작성일 첨부 조회
* 2019_sabcs [설문조사 이벤트]Best of SABCS 2018 학회관리자 2019-01-22 147
4 2019_sabcs 1/19(토) Best of SABCS 2018 개최 안내 (현장등... 학회관리자 2019-01-18 188
3 2019_sabcs 사전등록 및 프로그램 안내(사전등록 ~1/9까지) 학회관리자 2018-12-31 188
2019_sabcs Official Best of SABCS® News Videos (wit... 학회관리자 2018-12-10 279
1 2019_sabcs SAVE THE DATE! 학회관리자 2018-11-19 250
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